Website audit

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis of an online platform to determine its strengths and weaknesses. This process is aimed at understanding the interaction of the resource with users, optimization for search engines and the effectiveness of conversion elements.

The audit includes checking various aspects, such as page loading speed, correct display on mobile and PC, SEO optimization of the resource, content structure and others. Various tools and programs are used for auditing.

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Tools and services for site audit

  • Analysis of the code and technical infrastructure: Identification of possible problems with the code, errors in work, and acceleration of page loading. For this, software code validators and services for determining download speed are used.
  • SEO audit: Assessment of site optimization for search engines, analysis of keywords, meta tags and other SEO structure. Popular services for this are Serpstat, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog.
  • Content analysis: Evaluation of the quality and interest of the content, its relevance to the target audience. Content analyzer sites are used to check the uniqueness of the text and other characteristics.
  • Web design analysis: Evaluation of appearance, navigation and adaptability to different devices. Also known as a usability audit.
  • Analysis of conversions: Identifying problems that affect conversion and prevent users from making a purchase or ordering a service.

Audit results

  • Identification of problems: The audit allows you to identify potential problems that limit the full effectiveness of the site.
  • Improving functionality: Analyzing positive and negative aspects helps to improve the functionality of the site and make it more user-friendly.
  • Increase conversions: Identifying and fixing problems can lead to increased conversions and revenue for the company.
  • Покращення SEO-параметрів: Аудит сприяє вдосконаленню SEO-параметрів сайту, що підвищує його видимість в пошукових системах.

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