Landing Page Development

A Landing Page is a web page that a user lands on after clicking on a link in an advertisement, email, social media, or other source. The main goal is to convince the visitor to take a certain action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, and so on.

A Landing Page can be part of a larger web resource, but in most cases it is a separate one-page site. All information, content and navigation are located on this one page. This approach can be useful when there is relatively little information to provide and the focus is on getting visitors to take a specific action. Using a Landing Page allows marketers to better target traffic and increase conversions because the site is designed with a specific purpose and audience in mind.

Optimizing your business with Landing Page

landing page development

WorkinNet company offers the development of effective Landing Pages. We specialize in custom creation of landing pages aimed at optimizing business models.

When developing a Landing Page, we pre-determine the goals in accordance with the topic of your business. These goals can include various user actions, such as clicks, filling out forms, subscribing to news, downloading, submitting requests, calling a specialist, and much more.

Our specialists delve into the specifics of your business, study the target audience, form their portrait, determine the average bill, analyze the timing of transactions, explore the possibility of holding promotions and providing gifts.

Creating a landing page is the key to your success, and we guarantee that your site will not only be effective in its current direction, but also easily adapt to any changes in your business. The advantages of our landing pages include fast development and high conversion rates. Please note that, despite these advantages, landing pages may have limited opportunities for SEO promotion and do not support a catalog of goods or services.

Advantages of landing pages from WorkinNet​

  • Increased profits. We develop and implement an effective USP aimed at increasing revenue from your Landing Page.
  • High payback. With an integrated marketing approach, we strive for a quick return on costs for web development and advertising.
  • 8 years of experience. Our many years of experience and the success of clients who trust our recommendations become the key to successful cooperation.
  • Internet Marketing. We undertake a comprehensive increase in your sales through an effective strategy and successful Internet marketing.

Why us?


Eight years of Landing Page development experience.


More than 100 websites created and satisfied clients.


The studio employs ten highly qualified specialists.

Stages of creating a landing page

At the first stage of creating a Landing Page, a thorough discussion of the project details, determination of the development time frame and budget, as well as preparation of the necessary technical documentation are carried out. The stage ends with the conclusion of an agreement between the customer and the contractor.

Next comes marketing, usability and prototyping. The actions are aimed at studying the business niche, conducting competitive analysis and creating a Unique Selling Proposition. Also during this period, prototyping is carried out taking into account the well-thought-out structure of the future Landing Page.

landing page

What’s included in the price?

  • Competitive analysis of your business niche
  • Creation of a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Copywriting and creating selling headlines
  • Integration of calls to action (call-to-action)
  • Guaranteed conversion of at least 5%
  • Training and transfer of copyright
  • Formation of a portrait of the target audience
  • Designing a prototype with user experience in mind
  • Modern and selling web design
  • Setting up all forms of data collection
  • Installation and configuration of analytical tools
  • Guarantee of the quality of our work

By choosing WorkinNet, you get not just a landing page, but a powerful tool for attracting customers and increasing profits. Our design approach ensures that you are not only effective today, but also ready to adapt to your future developments. Entrust the creation of your landing page to professionals and ensure the success of your online presence!

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